The Outer Freedom
Just tie it all together with a shade that compliments your looks colour palette. See you on the prom!
Amita Dress which is perfect for looking cute, as it keeps the look fresh and feminine.
The airy fabric with a slight sheen and luxurious that takes your silhouette to the next level.
A simple pants can go anywhere, just straight to the rooftop bar for a chat with the friends.

Chic and Edgy

 It’s all about easy, timeless separates that adapt to a non-stop lifestyle (like you) and liberate the everyday for a fearless, confident and cool woman, to enable a shift between dressed down and dressy – depending on where the day takes you (and that also includes not going anywhere at all and curling up with a book or friends).


The Amita's brand prides itself on stylish simplicity where quality and a sense of purpose are the hallmarks of our modern design. A modest fashion will always be an investment of prides and will take you right through the seasons.

The Inspiration of Style

Amita House collections are inspired by the colors of the blue reflections on the water, the pearly whites of the sand and the warm tones of sun kissed skin. You can pair them with textured key basics and trans – seasonal items for the absolute perfect finishing touch to a relaxed and sophisticated look.

Pick your styles

Find out perfect for pairing with a simple soft-to-the-
touch dress or a grey pants with sandy track top.